quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2011

Ola, prezados pacientes!

Compartilho com vocês uma boa dica sobre nutrição e como comer bem; isto é fundamental como preparo de cirurgia e para se recuperar da mesma também. Vocês precisam estar em boas condições nutricionais para permitir as condições ideais para cicatrizar bem (tanto da parte de fora que é visivel quanto da parte de "dentro").

Eating Healthy on a Budget
A recent study from the University of Washington (The rising disparity in the price of healthful foods: 2004-2008 Food Pol 2011) showed that eating healthier can increase grocery bills for many of us by as much as 10 percent. How then can we eat nutritious fare that is conducive to weight management but doesn't whittle at our wallet too much? Fortunately, there are ways:
Practice Portion ControlIt is a great way to stretch your dollars and curtail excess calories. Keeping meat, poultry, and fish to the recommended three-to-four-ounce servings will either allow for leftovers to be available for other meals or enable you to purchase smaller amounts at the store. Serving on smaller plates and using smaller glasses will make your foods and beverages last longer.
Eat More Like A VegetarianYou don't have to abandon steaks, burgers, or chicken but keep in mind that using more nuts, beans, and lentils to extend or substitute for the meat in some of your meals is not only healthier but money saving.
Look For Local Produce Purchasing at farmers' markets, food co-ops and local farms sometimes translates into lower prices.
Curtail ConvenienceYou can save dollars by doing your own preparation, namely aim to cut your own fruit, peel your own vegetables, wash your own salad greens, slice your own cheese, and cut up your own chicken. Some convenience items like frozen vegetables and canned fruit in light syrup or water packed can be cost effective at times as they can last longer without risk of spoilage.
It is also important to remember that eating unhealthy can be costly in other ways, specifically regarding your health. Poor food choices can be a contributor to numerous chronic health ailments that may require expensive medications and costly visits to your doctor.

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